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Rike was able to guide and support me

Rike's approach of being there to guide and support me, with my son's autism has been a huge blessing. I highly recommend Rike if you have health concerns as she is very methodical in finding out the cause and working through a solution for gut issues.

Daisy M.

The whole family is calmer and saner.

I’m Tracy the mother of a 7yr old boy Raaidyn who is currently in the process of being assessed for Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADD, I have my hands full with the non-stop movement and attention problems especially since I am a  homeschooler.

Raaidyn is an extremely picky eater and I am very health conscience and stress with what food and drinks goes into his mouth.

With the help of Rike we discovered Raaidyn was acidic and had a Candida infection.

We have gone gluten and dairy free and are using herbal/nutritional supplements  and life is almost pleasant.

Tantrums and screaming, the selective hearing/deafness is now a rare occurrence.

The whole family is calmer and saner.

Thanks heaps Rike


Tracy A.

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted

I had been suffering from sickness for about 2 years had been back and forth to the doctor for all sorts of medication which was  clearly not working , 6 months before before being recomended to Rike by my boss I started getting more symtoms ranging from stomac aches, traped gas, headaches and elivated heart rate. By this time I was so frustrated I would find myself crying on the realy bad days. after going to see rike I found out I had several food elergys within 6 months of cutting these foods out I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I had a new surge of energy, I have since recomended many friends that they should try Rike’s expertise for similar symptoms. I also found rike great outside appointments when I had questions I would just send an email and got great advise from that as well. So in short Rike has changed my life.

Tracey M.

Increased my energy levels

Rike has helped to educate me as to what my body needs to improve my health and as a result has improved my general attitude and increased my energy levels! I have also managed to get rid of my hay fever!! Sneeze free!!

Kylie G.

We have a plan in place which is invaluable

My 7 year old son, I have also taken for Naturopathic care under Rike. He has Aspergers Syndrome and I had been researching for some time how dietary changes could assist him. I had already noticed how colours and preservatives adversely affected his behaviour - anger, irritability, constant disagreeing and meltdowns, were some of his reactions to these foods. I was also beginning to wonder about gluten and dairy.

Rike was wonderful in helping us to slowly address these diet changes and explained the reasons why which encouraged us to keep going to see the benefits. She had Sebastian tested for gluten and dairy intolerance and now we have a plan in place which is invaluable. As we continue on his supplements and dietary changes, for 3 months now, my husband and I have noticed how calm, peaceful, co-operative he is becoming. We are very thankful for his treatment and appreaciative of Naturopatic care under Rike.


Kerrie A.

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