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Within 6 weeks the migraines were gone.

I had been having migraines for close to 2 years and they were becoming more frequent (1-2 per week) and I more miserable. Unfortunately my doctor only placed me on medication to take when I got them, but I knew there were causes that needed to be addressed. So I went to see Rike after a recommendation from a friend, which was indeed an answer to prayer. Within 6 weeks the migraines were gone and I have now been migraine free for 3 months!

Rike looked at my diet, tested me and recommended supplements and answered my many questions.

As I continue in my treatment I also appreciate Rike's availability by email and phone of any follow-up queries I have. I would definetly recommend Naturopathic treatment to anyone and am very happy with Rike's service and care.

Kerrie A.

Rike is an excellent naturopath

Rike is an excellent naturopath, she has helped me identify what is lacking in my diet to help get through the day without felling tired.  I recommend every should have at least one consultation check up with Rike.

Janell T.

What a delightful, professional, knowledgeable practitioner

My 7 year son and myself went to see Rike... what a delightful, professional, knowledgeable practitioner who offered many natural solutions... I would have no hesitation to recommend her to my friends and family.

Deborah J

Seven Hills

Deborah J.

I feel much better and have more energy

Rike really surprised me. I have always been wary of natural therapy practitioners, but I found Rike to not only be extremely professional, but also 100% right! I wish I had see her years ago as she correctly identified in minutes some things that took years and many, many doctors visits to work out. I highly recommend Rike to any person who has a concern that they are not feeling as well as they could be.

I had been feeling very tired of late and lacked energy, so I visited Rike at her Tarragindi clinic, she did a few tests and gave me a list of what I should and shouldn’t be eating which has proved invaluable, since following her guidelines I feel much better and have more energy to play with my 2 children. I would certainly recommend Rike’s services.

David L.


David L.

I feel energetic and my depression is gone

For two years I had been feeling nauseous most days and constantly had a sore stomach, fatigue and depression. After visiting the doctor several times, I still didn’t feel any improvement, and what’s more the drugs the doctor had prescribed were making my skin peel off! So I visited Rike, who did many tests which revealed several food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. After just a few weeks of following her recommendations, I feel energetic, my depression is gone and I don’t feel sick. Thank goodness for Rike.

Courtenay M.