Fee Structure

Health Fund Rebates Available

Naturopathic Consultations 


Adults & Children 

Initial/New Patient 1 hour – $120

Initial/New Patient 90 minutes – $180

Initial/New Patient 90 minutes with test results – $200

Ongoing Treatment:

1 hour session – $120

90 minute session – $180

1 hour session with comprehensive test results (Organic Acids Test/Dutch Hormone Test etc) discussion – $200

30 min session – $80

15 min Quick session – $50

Quick phone/email consult (15 min) – $50


If you have a large number of test results, please advise us beforehand. There might be an additional fee for the time spend to go over your results. 


GAPS Consultations

GAPS Initial (60-90 min): $180

GAPS Follow-up (30-45 min):  $100

Email : rike@realizehealth.com.au


Asyra Consultations

Asyra Initial (1 hr 30 min):  $180

Asyra Follow-up (1 hr):  $120

This includes Asyra report

Email : gedas@realizehealth.com.au

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Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.  We do everything we can to ensure that the prices on our websites are correct and we try to keep our prices constant.  A lot of our time goes into research for our clients but we try to keep costs to a minimum so we can help more people.