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Real food doesn’t have ingredients.  Real food is ingredients. – Food Matters

Food as Medicine

Nutrition is the foundation of health.  You can take all the supplements in the world, but if you don’t get this basic need right you will never truly get better.  Sometimes it’s about adding good food in and removing the dead matter out of your daily menu.  For others it may be about identifying foods that are triggering immune responses that doesn’t allow the body to heal.  Whatever the case may we will identify which diet may be the most effective at getting you the results you are after.  Some diets are only temporary measures to allow the body to heal, whilst other ‘diets’ are not truly diets but more aimed at becoming lifestyle choices.







Body Ecology Diet

Blood Type Diet




and more…



FOUNDATIONAL STUFF - We ALL need to do this

Organic/biodynamic fruit & vegetables

Non-GMO foods

Organic or 100% grass-fed meat

No or very low sugar

Nothing artificial or synthetic (these don’t have a place anywhere in the diet)

Balanced ratio’s of fats, carbs and proteins

Drinking more clean water

Moderation, moderation, moderation!

More important than specific diets is the concept of good food…what people ate four or more generations ago before farming practices changed so dramatically and industry started to dictate to ‘health associations’ about what we should and shouldn’t eat.  Really basic common sense stuff that got lost along the way.

Remember, it’s about focusing on what you add to the diet, not what you remove.  If you keep on adding good food, eventually there won’t be space for the less-nutritious choices, but you’re still not denying yourself anything.

What’s so bad about gluten and grains

Ketogenic Diet:  How to do it right

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet


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