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Methylation Profile

The methylation profile may provide insights into normal metabolism of methionine which is critical for cellular methylation of DNA, proteins and neurotransmitters.  Aberrant methionine metabolism can occur in anyone at any age with any snips and can be associated with numerous health consequences.  It is a blood plasma test, so they will send you out a kit which you have to take to your collection agency (Sullivan’s Nicolaides or QML Pathology – in our experience QML has been cheaper on their collection rates), where it will be collected and send off to the testing laboratory.

Price = $279 + $22 (handling fee)


To order a test go to:

Online Pathology Request FormMTHFR Doctors, The Ultimate Source for Everything MTHFR

Enter your Realize Health practitioner’s name and your information.

Select the appropriate test under DOCTORS DATA.


Methylation Profile testing is very useful on its own, but will also complement other tests involving OATS testing, digestion (CDSA, FMA, lactulose), neurotransmitters, amino acid panels, and gene snip testing.


Contact us for more information or book an appointment with one of our practitioners.  Please note that our practitioners may have different areas of interest and don’t necessarily use the same testing methods.  If you have specific needs or expectations, and are not familiar with our practitioners, we suggest you contact us and we’ll direct your inquiry to the appropriate practitioner(s).