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ASYRA Testing

What is Ayra and what can it do for me? 

Asyra is a computerised, electro-dermal testing system designed to non-invasively screen a patient for energetic imbalances that may reflect physiological imbalances that play a role in the chain of disease or unwellness. In practical terms, the Asyra methodology may help in the identification of the root cause of a health problem.


Where did the Asyra come from? 

In the 1950’s, Dr Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor created an electronic testing device that measured the amount of skin resistance to a tiny electrical current, confirming the existence of acupuncture points on the skin, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. This was the world’s first electro- dermal testing device. This technology underwent further refinement over 30 years and in 1978 was incarnated as the Vegatest method, which became hugely popular in Germany and spread overseas to USA, England and Australia. About 10% of Vegatest operators in Australia are medical practitioners.

In 1979, the electro-dermal testing system was computerised in USA , known as the Dermatron. After a further 16 years of research and development, the Listen System was introduced in 1991, and evolved into the BEST system in 1998. In 2003, the Asyra system represented a further refinement again. In 2006, Asyra evolved into the first probeless electro-dermal testing system, for the first time removing the operator from the testing circuit and eliminating a possible source of operator error. It exists now as the Asyra Pro as a 10th generation product and the culmination of decades of research and development.

The Asyra also has the ability to imprint the healing resonances identified through its filtering and screening technology into a homeopathic form, providing a highly individualised, homeopathic remedy for that person. The main purpose is to help inform and build an individualised treatment plan unique to that person. A full computerised report is provided. This approach is not looking to name any particular disease state, and therefore no claims of diagnosis of disease can be made. 

In 1995, Gedas Laurinaitis graduated in Naturopathy from the Australian College of Natural Medicine, earning high distinctions in all subjects in the Naturopathic curriculum, with an aggregate of 179 points awarded out of a possible 182, and ‘swept the pool’ receiving all five Practitioner Industry awards on offer. He has over 25 years experience as a Naturopath.

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