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Functional laboratory testing is part of how we find the root cause of disorders.  These are short-cuts to the laboratory tests we recommend most often, but does not exclude other tests.  There are just too many to list so we kept to the main ones.  If you are not currently a client of ours you may order a test and contact us to organize a time to interpret and discuss the results with you.

Prices are approximate and may not be entirely accurate.  We try our best to keep prices updated but is not always possible.  If you want to check up on a price we recommend you contact the relevant lab and confirm the cost.


Contact us for more information or book an appointment with one of our practitioners.  Please note that our practitioners may have different areas of interest and don’t necessarily use the same testing methods.  If you have specific needs or expectations, and are not familiar with our practitioners, we suggest you contact us and we’ll direct your inquiry to the appropriate practitioner(s).