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Below we’ve added helpful links with great information that we refer to on a regular basis.  


23andMe – This genetic test evaluates hundreds of your genes via saliva for only US$149.  This is highly recommended as MTHFR is most likely not the only methylation defect you have. It is important you understand what the others are.

MTHFR Support – This website provides an application which takes your 23andMe ‘raw data’ and reports over 100 various genes, including MTHFR, COMT, CBS, MAOA, GAD, GSTM1, and many more.

Genetic Genie – run your 23andMe test results through them for a small donation to get information on some of your genes

Methyl-folate Side Effects – Why methyl-folate may be great for some, but not so good for others.

Video:  How Methylation Silences Genes

Video:  The Action of Telomerase

Medicines that interfere with Methylation

SIBO – Find out more about SIBO or order an easy, affordable breath test for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle – The official website for SCD diet information.

IBS Diets – FODMAP dieting guide with food lists on what to eat and what to avoid.

Retraining Sluggish Colon – How to retrain your large intestine after years of chronic constipation.  Includes coffee enemas, vagus nerve exercises, breathing and squatting.

Belly Breathing Exercises – A really good demonstration on TED.com on belly exercises to help with constipation.

Dental DNA – Identification of bacterial, viral and fungal microbes often found in root canals, cavitations and implants.  Also viral testing, Lyme disease and genetic markers for ApoE and gluten intolerance.

GAPS Australia – Find out more about the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, recipes and FAQ’s.

GAPS – Find out more about the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, recipes and FAQ’s.

The Power of Poop – Resource links for instructions on rectal fecal transplant and fecal transplant capsules.  We discourage doing DIY fecal transplants from home as donors needs to be screened for parasites, hepatitis, etc.

Open Biome – Non-profit stool bank which may assist doctors in obtaining prescreened fecal samples.

NutritionData – An easy way to identify foods based on specific nutrients and treat deficiencies through better food choices.

Dirty Dozen and Clean Dozen – Identify which fruits and vegetables are important to buy organic and which ones you could get away with.

Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off – See how important fats are for you and their role in weight loss.  Great LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) recipes.

The Fat Revolution – Christine Cronau is a Nutritionist who understands the great cholesterol myth and the importance of healthy fats in the diet.

Nourishing Hope – Julie Matthews (certified nutrition consultant) who specialises in food and nutrition for ADHD, autism and healthy children.

Body Ecology – Donna Gates is the founder of Body Ecology Diet and she teaches you how to restore your health by changing the gut flora in your digestive system through food.

Weston A. Price Foundation – Great information on food, farming and other interesting topics.

Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) – They work in co-operation with all sectors of industry and government to develop the Australian Organic Industry from a niche industry into a major component of Australian agriculture and deliver benefits to consumers, producers and the Australian environment. 

Australian Farmers’ Markets Association (AFMA) – They facilitate the formation of network of authentic Farmers’ Markets across Australia.  You can find a listing of local farmers markets operating across Australia on this website.

Soil Association – Information on why it is important to protect our living soil and the effect this has on our health.

Fasting – Physiological adaptations and benefits to fasting by Alan Goldhamer.

Special Diets for Special Kids – A great book with over 150 recipes, primarily focussed on gluten free and casein free diets.  A good entry point.

PaleoLeap – Paleo Diet Recipes

Paleo Grubs – Paleo Diet Recipes

Grain Free Living – Recipes without grains

Elana’s Pantry – Grain free & Paleo recipes

The Nourishing Cook – Recipes from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions Cookbook

Healthy Chef – Healthy cooking with Teresa Cutter

SCD Diet Recipes – Great website for recipes on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

SCD Lifestyle – A quick start guide to a Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Feingold Diet – Proven dietary solutions to behaviour, learning and health problems associated with salicylate and phenol sensitivities.

Failsafe Diet – An advanced and more updated version of the Feingold Diet.  Free of Additives, Low in Salicylates, Amines, and Flavor Enhancers.  It removes phenols and salicylates similar to Feingold, but also eliminates amines and glutamates.

The Low Histamine Chef – Yasmina Ykelenstam provides tips, recipes and cookbooks on foods for those sensitive to high histamine foods.

How To Eat Low Histamine If You’re Me – A very helpful explanation by Lisa Klimas on how to eat low histamine in practical terms as many people feel confused or overwhelmed by the dietary lists and don’t know where to start.

SIBO Diet Recipes – Samantha B. Johnson created this website to provide recipe ideas for those on the very restricted SIBO diet.

Low FODMAP Recipes – Natalie Nott created this website to share low FODMAP recipes and other great information.

GAPS Diet Recipes – Gutsy is a website that provides recipes for the GAPS Diet.

Ketogenic Diet Recipes – Patricia Daly is a cancer survivor who uses the ketogenic diet.  She has developed great recipes.

Cooking for Engineers – Check for smoking points on fats and other tips for cooking from a technical perspective.

Optimising Nutrition – A very informative blog written by one of our clients on Insulin Dependent Diabetes, blood sugar control, and the High Fat Low Carb Diet.  Based on current research, tons of recipes and followed by respected medical professionals all over the world.

Optimising Nutrition Facebook

The BJJ Caveman – Focused on self-experimentation, sports performance and ketogenesis.  

Art and Science of Low Carb – Dr. Jeff Volek and Dr. Stephen Phinney is a research-based website with blogs and books on low-carb living.  

Hyperlipid – Petro Dobromylskyj developed this biochemistry-based blogg on carbohydrates and fats as calorie sources.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Great website dedicated to fertility with downloadable charts in PDF and EXCEL formats so you can keep track of your ovulation cycles.

Video:  Ovulation

Australian Breastfeeding Association – Great support for new mothers or those who develop problems such as mastitis.

Australia Breast Cancer Network – Support and Information for families and individuals affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Risk Calculator – For women who have not had breast or ovarian cancer and want to assess their risk.

Jean Hailes Foundation – A women’s health organisation for women of all ages, concerns and needs.

Dr. Tori Hudson – A naturopathic physician, author, educator and researcher that specialises in women’s health.  Her website contains many interesting articles on menopause, pregnancy and other aspects of female health.

Visceral Synergy – Dr. Mariotti specializes in the combination of visceral manipulation, nutritional therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine and other energetic modules to help achieve a state of balanced visceral (organ) function.

Barralinstitute – Teaches the art of visceral manipulation.

www.irlen.com – Irlen syndrome is an eye condition associated with ADD, autism spectrum disorder, headaches, light sensitivity and reading problems.  Easy to test for, treat, and needs to be considered with these symptoms.

Video:  A Wake Up Story – Every parent or anyone who is thinking of becoming a parent should watch this. 

How To Mask Medicines – Kingsway Compounding provides a great article on how to flavour and mask supplements or medicines for young children.

How To Swallow Capsules/Tablets – Kingsway Compounding provides a great article on how to teach or help children to swallow supplements or medicines.

Camel Milk – Camel milk is not reactive to children with autism and even non-allergenic to those with even the most sensitive allergy to milk and casein.

EWG Consumer Guides – Guides to help you with ingredients in your food, cosmetics, cleaning products, good water filters and other purchasing decisions.

National Toxics Network – This is a community based network for pollution reduction and protection of environmental health.

Toxics Link – Shares information about the sources and dangers of poisons in our environment and bodies, as well as about clean and sustainable alternatives, looking at plastics and toys. 

Cosmetics Database – This is the EWG’s Skin Deep Database and a good resource to check for ingredients in your cosmetic and personal care products.

Anthropogens for Chronic Disease – A great paper that lists the 11 major determinants of any chronic disease.  Very well researched and yet the answers are so simple.  

Selected Pollutants – WHO Guidelines for indoor air quality.  Download the book.

Heartmath – Technological advances in measuring heart rate and emotional stress in real time.  Learn how the brain connects to emotions and how to modify your reaction to stressful situations based on immediate feedback from your body. 

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center – Free guided meditations

Personal Peace Clinic – Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Optimal Breathing Mastery – How to breath properly and increase lung volume.  Breathing properly is essential for oxygenating the tissues, detoxification, energy production and stress reduction.  

Buteyko Breathing – A breathing training program which may provide significant improvement of symptoms of asthma, sleep disordered breathing and other breathing-related conditions.

Video:  The Pleasure Trap – Psychologist Douglas Isle has done a great TED talk on addictions, dopamine and what drives us to keep repeating destructive cycles in the pursuit of pleasure. 

Why Isn’t My Brain Working? – The Brain Book by Dr. Datis Kharrazian.  A revolutionary understanding of brain decline and effective strategies to recover your brain’s health.

Reversing Disease for Optimal Health – Dr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon passionate about the effect of light, UV, blue light and the sun on the brain and circadian rhythms.

Shopping Guide for Optimal Brain Health – Optimal Living Dynamics  was founded by Jordan Fallis, a health journalist passionate about health.  Here he provides a great shopping list and food ideas for optimal brain function.

IGeneX Labs – Lyme disease testing.

Dental DNA – Identification of bacterial, viral and fungal microbes often found in root canals, cavitations and implants.  Also viral testing, Lyme disease and genetic markers for ApoE and gluten intolerance.

23andMe – This genetic test evaluates hundreds of your genes via saliva for only US$99.  This is highly recommended as MTHFR is most likely not the only methylation defect you have. It is important you understand what the others are.

RN Labs– Provides a variety of tests from a range of labs such as food intolerance testing, metal body burden, stool microbial testing, organic acid testing and many more.

NutriPath – Partners with US BioTek, NeuroLab, Nutrisearch and provides testing for hormones, anti-ageing, wellbeing, weight management, allergies/intolerances, gut health, heart, fatigue, mental health and methylation.

VCSTest.com – Visual Contrast Sensitivity Testing can be done in the comfort of your own home.  It’s a visual test done on your computer based on Dr. Shoemaker’s work on biotoxins and an easy screening test to measure whether biotoxins may be a problem for you.

www.survivingmold.com – Dr. Shoemaker has devoted his life to finding the answer to illness caused by biotoxins.

www.neilnathanmd.com – Dr. Neil Nathan is well-known in the circles of lyme diseaes, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Video:  Lyme, Auto-immune disease & Biofilm

Video:  Rheumatoid Arthritis & Inflammation

Video:  B-cell & Antibody activation

Video:  Immune response & Toll Like Receptors

Northwest Naturopathic Urology – Dr. Eric Yarnell is the leader in treatments of kidney and prostate disorders.  

Keto Nutrition – Dr Dominic D’Agostino, cancer and ketogenic applications.

www.oxyhealth.com – Portable hyperbaric chambers are used by heath professionals and chronically ill people all over the world with many benefits.  Used in treatments of brain injury, autism, stroke, and others.

Comprehensive Natural Medicines Database – Objective information on effectiveness ratings and potential drug/herb interactions.