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MAPS Practitioners

Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs practitioners are trained through MINDD as integrative healthcare practitioners to offer hope and real solutions with treatment that focuses on treating the individual for core cause versus symptoms.  Practitioners work together and often inter-refer to ensure the patient is selecting and sequencing treatments to achieve optimal outcomes.  This saves time and money and often avoids unnecessary medication or surgery.

Practitioners work to balance bio-chemistry and digestive health which improves brain chemistry which in turn impacts on concentration, memory and mood.  Once brain chemistry is improved, the child is better able to learn from educational, behavioural and neuro therapies such as motor coordination, speech and language, sensory integration, auditory and visual processing, ABA, RDI, etc.


Healthy Bodies Build Strong Brains

Allergies, asthma, ADHD, anxiety, autism, learning delay, depression, obesity, diabetes, digestive and mood disorders often share underlying and overlapping issues of nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, infections and/or a dysfunctional digestive system.

Dr. Martha Herbert, a Paediatric Neurologist from Harvard University and MINDD Advisory Board member cautions that many childhood illnesses are impacting on cognitive function and brain development.  “On the one hand toxins, infections and allergens are driving a lot of “noise” that obstructs brain signals and on the other hand, nutritional deficiencies mean these signals are weak to begin with.”

An Integrative approach that focuses on reducing the stress load and optimising physical and mental performance offers these children hope for a healthy and happy future.  Importantly, the Integrative healthcare that MINDD promotes and that helps so many children is a vital step towards disease prevention and the protection of human DNA.

As Professor Michael Fenech from the CSIRO explains, “it is becoming increasingly evident that risk for developmental and degenerative disease increases with more DNA damage, which in turn is dependent on nutritional status and environmental exposures”.


What is MINDD

MINDD is a non-profit Health Promotion Trust established in 2005 for the promotion of Integrative healthcare in Australia run by Leslie Embersits who has since 2005 helped thousands of Australian children struggling with chronic environmental illness that triggers “brain-immuno-gut” disorders which include allergies, asthma, ADHD, Autism, anxiety, OCD, ODD, Aspergers, depression, Chronic Fatigue, learning delay, sleep, eating and mood disorders, digestive dysfunction and much more.

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MAPS Practitioners

Email : [email protected]

Email : [email protected]