Naturopathy looks at the person as a whole with particularly focus on nutrition, digestive function and detoxification.  Basic naturopathic principles state that the more the body can excrete wastes through the bowel, liver, kidneys and skin, the less likely disease will be.  It is great to see that medical practitioners are finally accepting this way of looking at disease even though the research has been available in medical journals for a few decades.



Herbs have very powerful healing qualities with tons of research to back up the claims made by herbalists many centuries ago.  They can be taken in tea, fresh, herbal extract liquids, powder or supplement form.  Some herbs are more effective in one form than another, and studies have also shown that the same herb can have different active ingredients depending on whether it is fresh, dried or alcohol extract.  Herbs can be used in high doses as a medicine to stimulate certain processes in the body, or in lower doses to balance organ systems.  It is important to mention any medications you may be taking to your practitioner as there may be some herb-medicine interactions to be aware of.


Flower Essences

There are two systems of flower essences – Bach Flowers and Bush Flowers.  Bach Flower remedies are made from flowers growing in European countries whereas Bush Flower remedies are sourced from Australian native flowers.  Flower Essences are gentle in their action which makes them suitable for young and old, babies, animals, pregnancy, or those weakened by disease.  They effect change on all aspects of our being, bringing the life force energy back to its full potential, creating a more positive outlook, balance and harmony.



Nutrition is part of Naturopathy, but we’ll give it its own platform for this purpose.